Friday, August 05, 2005

Just touching base

Hey Just thought I'd write a quicky. I've been so busy with lots of stuff happening. Since the last blog I've been working on a flash website that I've worked on for ages now. Basically what I've been doing with myself is working on my skills as a web designer and I was lucky enough to meet a guy from a Sitepoint forum who only lived up the road. Now instead of working solo I've got somebody to bounce ideas off and talk alot about web design and what can be done. As well as that it has allowed me to be involved in a great project working on a Quicksilver concept that I can't reveal just yet but I'm very excited about.

So that brings me back to my first point of what have I been up to. Well other than the hybrid flash/html site for I've been playing with xml for a photo gallery flash page for the global sounds site. Also I've got my hands on a server that I've been playing with just as a backup machine for my work and I've got another one on the way strictly for Linux OS. I will most likely run Xandros which looks great and I'm interested if I can run any windows apps using cross-over. It's all new to me so I'll keep you posted on my progress. As well as all that I'm starting on a new learning curve as I start using photoshop and illustrator. Hopefully when time permits I might even build my own blog but that's another day.


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