Monday, July 18, 2005

Things to do!

Well as I think, breathe and live web design I am always looking for new aspects of web design to play with. Currently I'm working on Flash Video which seems to be getting some attention and I think will change the way we use web design. The web is becoming like TV, with so many people all around the world accessing the internet and with broadband internet connections now growing, the opportunities for web design and development are pushing new boundries as to what we can do.

Also I'm trying brush up on my drawing using flash. I'm working on my favorite disney character "Goofy" which is why I often use Goofy as my nickname. I'd like to also do some basic animation as I find it really awesome when it's done. You only have to check out some of my favorite animators like Justin from and Chris from to see some really awesome animation done in Flash.